:: The Royal Emblem

Technic: literatur

Object: Book to film

motive: Happiness (30th2008)

You: continue writer

Cinema to permited (alone): Jason Nathaniel Behr

The Royal Emblem

I don't have more time. The human empire find me. The location of the my destiny was the end of the circle month (also this yet era: number 30th).

My Royal Emblem was/is in my bory human.

The capital, in another planet, i'm very inteligent. Here/Hier, i'm very single.

There are here an great problem. All's will have to prove the what to think, and that are take/accept.

I love Ethan!

There fore, for love, i abandom my Royal proposal and will walk in the North senses the my life. Im Capital it's beatifull.

You to leave alone my nation (friend/abandom/excuse): Emperi human in yearth.

We are one population "hier: yearth" of the love and trade of the love (past, present and future).

We don't shortsighted (signs, ocular desorder or bad comunication), and we migrate the tecnology for all: synthetic/resumed televison.

I Loved Ethan, excuse me for don't to can comunicate/connect for you in the borned date (pass: bird date) 2002. The time... as sonne as luna, than luna as sonne.

I love Ethan!

The empire human delaid my evolution and alone hier i'm will to talk my history.

We aren't to need to dead in ours planets. It's ELF's (All colors; It = singles peoples, don't objets). Any bory are in mission of the tranquility, we aren't wars, and we aren't will to need wars. The life we to make eternity (120 years old here).

I lived in one planet where one to one mensage/action/entreteniment/!!!/... are possible. Hierarchy i is alone one context of my life. There!

The people work to benefaction youself to eat concepts the they are money's stily in the empire ATENAS, the Capital of the this planet (one planet with 208 another's).

I love Ethan!

Ethan, you would/can/will try to understand his menssage of love.

My life have two symbols, 2 dream's wiht you. Two TAKEN'S live. Hier, i don't problem (Brazil), but in your unit country is very danger (another sistem).

Once dream i lived in one company another sistem (Earth company - My Royal Sistem). My planning was migration 1.000 Bi dolars for this planet to try finish the hunger this center of live being bory human. My colony "actual" (I prefer hier because was borned here in 1972). Than onde people the sistem: one to one create history of bat reject there (ATENAS) and me, and my population weep/cry... a cry... all dead, of the 1.000.000 peoples hier/here.

They was borned in more likes and infinits programs earth planet.

I cry cry of the thinks my planet ATENAS, but the security of the "colônia" (colony) was in danger.

Many people hier don't resist and dead to live in beginner bory human (until the life to be good/correct).

Once dream yeat, the children adjust/adapt newshouses and we awake slowing of the senses to need.

I'm very money in "ATENAS". Hier, yet conquist/degust my project..

I borned of the continued Film. The actor was named Max.

Max sign's "Max" - everegy "M"; "A" signs - beginners of arabic alphabet; and "X" proximit of the End.

I love Ethan!

I copied my insig's emblem and number im my site: www.lenderbook.com/ethan/index.asp

I have comunication neural (control remote sistem) with Ethan in Telurion (Capital of ATENAS).

Twice dream i talk with you of the loterry sistem. Before to play you true speack than money is my. Than to make the bit.

I stay lucky and go to avenue. Once group don't integration invade my sistem neural and withdray/substract the money about my project with Ethan.

I stay under bridger then Ethan connect if me.

From there, i wake up. He is sleep. Than speack with he about the sequency of the text. I suggest about Ethan one metodology to comunication in Dream and sleep reason this sistem of the mind.

We was union. My family Royal or Royal family:

Jaeveh, that loved Meiden that loved Kukk... CCIET, Jasmmine,...TELEEE,... Kirkk... 100th peoples Lender (not Sex, more complex sintony). Here is a nucleo comportamentable basead to love.

I love Ethan!

All was unfurnished in luxury of the negative/false senses, egoism, envy, jealousy, and, false love.

My group,...

I love Ethan!

My group to staied deseased each moment when the equation above don't were give me. I with on King remembered to ATENAS the sabotagethis it: "Colônia" that was making Atenas peoples to dead for false love.

The king was also continue to social separation.

ATENAS, than, prohibition anothers with the same frquency the born in Earth, because don't love here/hier.

The love of Ethan don't go to my leart, Max aweak to be one iconoplaster people to cure of the senses for love (until 12/31/2008).

... I have 2(two) body humans in ATENAS (Capital: of Capital Telurio)... Ethan too. The love don't alone signs sex... And you?

Same me justification the comportament human, ATENAS promise to change televison strutural. Sorry don't to permit to me continued about the history ETHAN and MAX, but you to stay interesed: continue...

I love Ethan!

autor: Max Diniz Cruzeiro

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Max Diniz Cruzeiro

Electronics Technician - Centro Educacional de Taguatinga Norte - CETN

Bachelor of Statistics - Universidade de Brasília - UnB

Postgraduate in Clinical and Business Psychopedagogy - Universidade Católica de Brasília - UCB

MBA in Marketing and Social Networks - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate in Clinical Neuroscience - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate in Psychoanalytic Theory - Centro Universitário de Brasília - UniCEUB

Doctor PhD in Philosophy - Psychology: Cognitive - Bircham International University

Doctor Honoris Causa - Bircham International University

Self-taught Writer - Universidade Estelar à Distância

Self-taught Ufologist - Grupo Cientítico de Ufologia - EBE-ET

Specialist Self-taught in Remote Sensing - Universidade Estelar à Distância

Self-taught as a Structuralist of thought models - Universidade Estelar à Distância

Postgraduate in Strategic Intelligence and Management - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate in Interdisciplinary Neuropsychology - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate in Psychomotricity - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate in Human Rights - Universidade Católica de Brasília - UCB

Postgraduate in Neuro-learning - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate in Psychosomatic Psychology - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Self-taught Specialist in Neuro knowledge - Biblioteca Memorium da Via Láctea

Postgraduate in Psychodrama - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Educational Management - Escola Superior Aberta do Brasil - ESAB

Postgraduate Student in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Foco: Terceira Idade)- Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Biotechnology - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Educommunication - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Creative economy - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Behavioral Economics - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Crisis Communication in Public and Private Organizations - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in Digital Journalism - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

Postgraduate Student in MBA in Design Thinking - Faculdades Integradas AVM - UNYLEYA

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Max Diniz Cruzeiro

Welcome to Heavenly groupings

The brothers who are outside the celestial vault,

thanks for your existence,

Come to us all that comes from you what is good,

Is made a conscious and collective will,

On Earth as elsewhere

Let us be worthy of our own support

Spare us the misunderstanding that arises from our essence

Just as we are able to reflect and

limit the badly that arises within us and in relation to other beings

If you know of any fault of mine, show me the way to recover.

To build together a heavenly nation for the common good.

Bem-Vindos aos agrupamentos Celestiais

Aos irmãos que estão fora da abóboda celeste,

obrigado pela sua existência,

Venha a nós tudo o que procede de ti que for bom,

Seja feita uma vontade consciente e coletiva,

Assim na Terra como em outros lugares

Sejamos merecedores de nosso próprio sustento

Perdoai-nos a incompreensão que aflora de nossa essência

Assim como somos capazes de refletir e limitar o mal que aflora dentro de nós e em relação a outros seres

Se souberes de alguma falta minha, me mostre o caminho para me recuperar.

Para construirmos juntos uma nação celestial para o bem comum.

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