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:: Kpac: Paradise [Eng]

Kpac: Paradise

Kpac, The Royal Family of Osiris – influential and rich – in the Orion constellation was being very criticized not to forward his descendants to areas of planetary colonization in the periphery of Milky Way. Fearing undermine the motivation of their caste Kpac resolves to delegate a group for a trip to inspection lost and accommodation on the planetary system from the periphery of the universe called By the primitives Solar System, because of followed disasters consciousness the cosmic universalization of a galactic life.

The followers of Kpac put their bodies into hibernation, before this, prepared a caste of human with appropriate degree of genetic to receive the corpóreonautas, they are the astronauts that migrate to the Paradise planet (Earth) incorporating the vital energy to the embryo of colonized.

Kpac signed non-interference agreements on line of succession from Paradise Planet in exchange for rational immunity on his journey here on this planet. The Lords of Paradise Empire knew to be vengeful when sensed the supposed power conferred to them come to be affected. Because on the Paradise planet values ​​were easily changed by electromagnetic influences and the short distance from the sun until the planet inhabited. This solar interference on molecules generated a excitement on sympathetic processes in human body, conditioned living beings to a process of struggle and flight, converging into internal battles for survival which in turn reflected over human consciousness in shape of reflections which were converted into animality.

Such reflections over the conscious sounded like metabolic recurrent attacks which were easily assimilated to external elements from individual. What developed in the inhabitants of Paradise a constant degradation of ecosystems and grotesque associations in relation to others individuals of the same species. Unleashing a process of competition where the strongest – those who developed better their physical or cognitive skills – were the most able to exert their metabolic frustrations over the weak.

Kpac knew all this, but at the same time feared that his activity in Paradise charged attention to him by incomprehension of his coming to such planet. However running riskiness sought an isolated village  the center of decisions to harbor their life project in the region of Baja. To facilitate the recognition of his employees around the planet codified a sign on his skin and other cosmic-numeric that allowed a bond mnemonic. To ease their journey, guides influenced the natives of Baja in choosing a name that represented the coming of Kpac.

Cacéfalos, a planet's orbit of Sírus B strive in soften the suffering of their king, sending by sensory migration a infinity of Electronic devices that would provide in adult age of Kpac a life without major difficulties and generate certain prosperity for the inhabitants of Paradise.

In the first years of life in Paradise, Kpac migrated to Aires – the bird city – there was not perks, the government welcomed his family well. There were sufficient resources to dress and eat, from the fruits of labor. On Aries the paradise kings came in entourage to visit the great new structure. Kpac as a child has known many of the Kings that facilitated his coming until here. The master Shujisem recognized him as infant. With fear the child hide over the legs of his father.

In the course of time, the Sun poured a massive charge of electrons over the bodies from paradise generating inconsistencies. A brutal sleep on the human psyche created weaknesses in paraisanos. The fear of the Kings of the earth was intended over his subjects and the children of Paradise became sinful.

As well as the kings feared, the system reacted against Cacefalanos present in Paradise. The guides made tremendous ​​efforts to protect the most vulnerable; those discovered by paraisanos were induced to misdemeanors, to lust and reversed values under the laws of paradise. Those who revolted were induced to death by inducing the aggressiveness and contestation of the laws in Paradise. Many were arrested; others remained on the margins of society, and many others under observation, serving as margin bargain so that cacefalanos continued to send more technology for this corner of the universe.

Then Paradise started to shoot all spacecraft who crossed their airspace, such irrationality created after successive solar explosions. Cacéfalo then headed up to the Federal Union of Planets from Milky Way, where did get demand for a short period of time an intervention to protect the interests of their citizens in Paradise.

Mentally oriented events took the most aggressive kings out of  power. Notions of human rights were expanded throughout Paradise with the object to protect the persecuted or those who have been induced to crime by local laws.

For a long time, the information from the existence of Kpac and his family was erased out of mind from the boldest, until the safety was restored again. Information about life in the colony and the chronicle heredity from domain of observed castes.

The arguments were taken to Zeta the capital of human Empire. So that the final judgment be pronounced. Inhabitants of Paradise were taken in dreams and physically for Zeta so that their arguments be heard. The Federation was apprehensive and demanded an end to hostilities and walks to a solution to disable or not the Colony because of so many problems generated.

By decision of the empire, informations about Kpac and his family will be again erased from the memory of the paradise inhabitants, so that as settlers can contribute to the continuity of life in Paradise. Until they can return to Sirius B and recover the bodies into hibernation that are waiting for them.


Say so, was done, thus crystallizes the history of cacefalanos.



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